Only by having questions, there are discoveries. This world is always being updated by those new discoveries which did not exist yesterday. My world is rather small and what we could do is little… I don’t believe I could contribute to the world by discovering something new and useful. But I wonders what if I could expose my questions or give some questioning cues to others. That would be worth trying to strive through my art.

Those people who happen to come across with my art might be able to capture some kind of codes or something from them and develop questions in their minds by looking at the images. Some might possibly come up with useful discoveries or ideas in their own minds as consequences – then that might mean, I indirectly, take a bit part of new useful things just by exposing my art, such absurd images onto those flat surfaces. I don’t know if anything makes any sense at all, but just tracing such images in my useless mind which always brings me questions what’s what and what’s not…

February 2019


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