Mario Tauchi (mario mandala) is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo. He has lived in Japan, Paris, Melbourne and Philadelphia. Mario grew up watching the sun with his naked eyes. He has been influenced by tribal and religious art, street art, psychedelic art and various others. He started creating art in 2001, when he was 28 year old. Mario also works as a performance artist, and has performed in London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and in various parts of Japan. He often collaborates with musicians, poets and other performance artists. He was in charge of a mural art project for Keith Haring Exhibition at Itami City Museum of Art (2012). His works have been introduced by HACO NYC, Tobin Ohashi Gallery, Roentgenwerke AG, Gallery Yamaki Fine Art, Magic,Rooom??, void+, etc..

日本、フランス、オーストラリア、アメリカに暮らし、各地で宗教芸術、ストリートアート、トライバルアート等に触れ、影響を受ける。2001年より独学で絵を描きはじめる。伊丹市立美術館キース・ヘリング展『LOVE POP!~アートはみんなのもの』(2012)で壁画プロジェクト【キースの願った平和の実現を願って】を担当するほか、国内外のギャラリー等での展示や、ライブペインティング/ドローイングのパフォーマンスを展開。

●Mario Mandala Colouring Book (Trolley Books/UK/2007)
●日式禪風紓壓塗繪 mario曼陀羅 (春光出版/台湾/2014)
●心を揺さぶる曼陀羅ぬりえ (猿江商會/日本/2015)
●同イタリア版 (Vallardi/イタリア/2017)

at ABC (American Book Center) Amsterdam 2015
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