Mario Tauchi – video ©Allicette Torres (NEBULAPROTOLOGO c/o Revolú Gallery) 2022
Videoclips: JR East Meets Art @ Takanawa Gateway Fest (2022) c/o Gallery Yamaki Fine Art
Still Photo: © DAISAKU OOZU
Music: by Moby / Song: AERIAL
Used with permission © Moby
© Mario Tauchi 2022
© Allicette Torres 2022
This video is produced by Allicette Torres for a group exhibition NebulaProtologo at Revolú Gallery —
Exhibition: MARIO
at CADAN YURAKUCHO gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Produced by Gallery Yamaki Fine Art
8-29 August 2022
MULTIPLEXER (In The Time of Absurdity)
REAST meets ART @ Takanawa Gateway Fest
Tokyo, 2020
Japanese Zen meets Zen from Amsterdam @ American Book Center 2013
アムステルダム American Book Center におけるライブドローリング (2013年10月)
Mario Tauchi / Mario Mandala @ Amsterdam 2009
Ikutaro Ishida + Mario Tauchi @ 8bit cafe, 2007
Yoshiki Horita + Mario Tauchi @ 晴れたら空に豆まいて, 2015
Mario Mandala / 6 hour nonstop drawing @ TCAF 2008
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