Things are related. That is the main thing I want to express through my works. Each one of us is related to others and things surround ourselves. Assuming it’s an inevitable situation, I simply question if we are ever capable of establishing a better community around ourselves.

June 2021




The core of my work, whether it’s illustrative, or painting, directly alludes to the fusion of Asian components, specifically Mandala patterns, and Western-originated modern/contemporary art including abstract expressionism. These visual languages coupled with urban street art create a resonating structure beyond boundaries of different traditions, cultures, ethnicities and religions.

The usage of Mandalas is deeply entrenched within the body of my work; in its standard construct the intent is to better appreciate the East’s concept of the universe. It also illustrates the depersonalized characters and otherworldly elements, which watch over the world we inhabit by taking a non-secular approach to the representation of deindividuation.

My versions of Mandalas take a rather secular approach and those represent a microcosm of not only our inner worlds, but also our interactions with others from various personal backgrounds. The images I create expand, propagate and transform by swallowing both confrontation and harmony among heterogeneous beings. Within my work people might see series of galaxies tied together in space, or some intricate flows of connecting emotional thoughts, haunting in their minds.

In combination with the organic line drawings, I often superimpose simplified geometric shapes and fake oriental characters. I use those images as guideposts or indications, which help viewers to enter the art from different focal distances.

It is much needed to show how we can live our lives free from boredom of repetitive mediocrity. Creativity contribute humanity by extending generosity.

May 2019






Only by having questions, there are discoveries. This world is always being updated by those new discoveries which did not exist yesterday. My world is rather small and what we could do is little… I don’t believe I could contribute to the world by discovering something new and useful. But I wonders what if I could expose my questions or give some questioning cues to others. That would be worth trying to strive through my art.

Those people who happen to come across with my art might be able to capture some kind of codes or something from them and develop questions in their minds by looking at the images. Some might possibly come up with useful discoveries or ideas in their own minds as consequences – then that might mean, I indirectly, take a bit part of new useful things just by exposing my art, such absurd images onto those flat surfaces. I don’t know if anything makes any sense at all, but just tracing such images in my useless mind which always brings me questions what’s what and what’s not…

February 2019

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